Our Mission

We empower youth to overcome educational inequality and poverty by partnering with low income schools to start and build jazz programs.

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Our Impact

We currently provide jazz instruction to 500 students. We have programs in New York, Illinois, Tennessee, Wisconsin, California, and Texas. Our students benefit from a rigorous curriculum that focuses on the performance of jazz standards,  music theory, ear training, and improvisation. Our students are impacted by becoming well rounded musicians and the rigorous instruction they receive help them maximize the social and cognitive benefits of learning music.  



Students Served

In the past 5 years since our founding we have provided regular jazz instruction to over 1000 at risk youth.




We currently operate in New York,   Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, California, and Louisiana.



Instruments Given

We have provided over 150 instruments to students through our instrument scholarship program. 


Our Programs

We have developed  four programs that help tackle the achievement and opportunity gap issues in music education. Each program was created to help take on these issues from a different angle.


Charter SChool Residency Program

Our Charter School Residency Program  introduces and operates after-school jazz bands in Title 1 charter schools with no existing instrumental music programs. The schools we serve have the desire to provide a full scale band program but can’t afford to do so.  We offer a more affordable option and we take on all operations of the jazz band.  We hire highly qualified music educators to lead the programs which meet 2-3 times a week for the entire school year. 

Online Support Site

We are currently in the process of developing our online support site.  The site will include lesson plans, warm ups, sheet music, arrangements, and professional development for band directors looking to start and/or build their jazz program. The site will also have a comprehensive selection of online video lessons for students to use. This support site will launch on August 1st, 2018.

Band director support program

Through our Band Director Support Program we partner with band directors that already work full time at a Title 1 school to help them start and build a jazz program in their school. We provide a grant intended for instruments, sheet music, and other crucial resources, and coach directors on how to implement our provided curriculum and build their program throughout the entire school year. 


Instrument Scholarship Program

In our instrument scholarship program we provide instruments to students in our Charter School Residency Program who would not be able to afford to rent or buy an instrument. 


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January 2018

I enjoy being pushed to be a jazz musician.

Eva - Jazz Empowers Piano Student 




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Get involved with the work we are doing today! Below are some of the ways that you can partner with us to make sure that all students in America have access to a high quality jazz education.



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Instrument Donations

Have an instrument sitting around that you haven't played in a long time?  Help pass on the gift of music by donating your instrument to students who are not able to afford their own.  

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