Band Director Support Program


Low income serving schools are drastically under-represented at the top band competitions in the country.   In 2017, only 16% of the schools represented at the top band festivals in the country were low income schools.  We at Jazz Empowers developed our band director support program to help close this achievement gap in music education. 

Jazz Empowers' band director support program helps provide support to promising jazz programs.  Schools that are accepted into our program will receive a $1,000 grant that can be used for instruments, sheet music, and other resources needed in order to run their jazz program effectively.   Band directors will also have full access to all of Jazz Empowers curriculum resources.  In addition Jazz Empowers staff will support band directors by providing coaching sessions to help them develop as effective jazz instructors.

While we are based in Nashville,  we support band directors remotely.  If you are a band director of a Title 1 school anywhere in the US and are interested in applying to this program, the application window for the 2019-2020 school year will be open through May 31st 2019.  Apply today!